Yoga Puppetry

Yoga Puppetry

Yoga master BKS Iyengar, the teacher who developed the style that bears his name, pioneered the use of props including wall ropes. He referred to rope work as “yoga puppetry”, providing support whilst allowing your limbs and joints to move freely.

The use of props is unique to Iyengar yoga, allowing people of all ages, fitness levels & flexibility to access classes. But many other yoga classes are run in spaces such as church halls where only mats are provided (if you’re lucky).

Benefits of rope work

  • For a beginner, working with ropes gives you a head start. For more experienced students, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on your poses.
  • Your assisted range of motion is greater than your natural range of motion, so rope work removes fear of pain or injury.
  • Using gravity in this way lengthens and extends your spine so you develop greater flexibility and an ability to go deeper into poses. Students who practice rope work find a release from tension in their spine, especially for those who suffer from back problems or sit at a desk all day.
  • Rope work develops core and upper body strength which makes everyday activities much easier.
  • If you’re nervous about going upside down it’s an ideal way to practice inversions in a safe, supported way.

Once you’ve “learnt the ropes” it opens a whole new world of possibilities!

The iYoga Centre is a dedicated Iyengar centre and has 10 sets of yoga ropes.