You Told Us What you Like!

We asked our students what they liked about classes at the iYoga Centre and this is what they said…

“It is friendly, the equipment provided is of a high standard, it’s in a warm, relaxing environment, the teaching is very good and although I’ve been doing yoga for sometime, the poses are varied so that we never get bored and often try new things or new ways of doing familiar poses.”

“The teachers are all fantastic & get to know their students (and their various ailments!) to help us.  The yoga centre itself is lovely.  The equipment is great & the class timetable is excellent – plenty of choice.”

“The teachers – their awareness, willingness to help and attention to detail.  The warm & humorous approach.  The explanation about yoga. The way each class is different.

“How I feel afterwards! Calm yet energised. The atmosphere. The like minded people. Time goes too quickly! Never bored.”

“Range of teachers, all different and high quality.  Option to catch up within block. Day/evening flexibility – choice of classes.  Unlimited offer. Equipment and studio quality, car parking.  Individual attention and personal interest of teachers.”

“All teachers adapt the poses to suit particular needs and abilities.  There is no sense of hurry or impersonal tuition.”

“My teachers 😁. The standard of teaching, the equipment available (I’ve done many new things, using ropes, bars, chairs and bolsters). The other students and the sense of being in a programme so to speak (especially of classes which are all linked).”

“The teachers have their own individual styles which makes practice fun and interesting.  The explanations are really clear and thoughtful.  The teachers encourage progression and trying new postures.”

And finally… “Please keep it going! It’s such a gem of a place.  People I tell about say it sounds so special.  I think it is – you pass on such knowledge.  Thank you ❤️”