Verena Huber

Raised close to the Swiss Alps in South Germany, Verena discovered yoga for her own personal wellbeing whilst backpacking around Australia and quickly came to realise that yoga was more than just a form of exercise.
Verena moved to the UK in 2010 and began attending regular classes at the iYoga Centre in 2013.  She discovered that practising Iyengar yoga not only increased her physical flexibility and strength but also improved her confidence and emotional & mental stability.

Inspired by the highly skilled enthusiastic Iyengar teachers in Manchester and keen to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga, Verena embarked on a two year Iyengar teacher training course.  She successfully completed this in 2018 and is now a fully qualified Introductory Level 2 Iyengar teacher.

Verena looks forward to sharing her knowledge of Iyengar yoga and inspiring the next generation of yogi’s from all around the world.