Carolyn Ferguson


Carolyn Ferguson has practised Iyengar yoga from a very young age. She first picked up the yoga bug from her mother, an enthusiastic Iyengar practitioner, and as a teenager occasionally went with her to yoga workshops. As a dance student, Carolyn had a natural love of physical movement and enjoyed the similarities between yoga and ballet, especially the precise attention to posture and alignment.

She started taking yoga seriously to help prepare for the birth of her first child, and continued with it to get back into shape afterwards. It also provided her with invaluable private time and space to relax, enjoy peace and quiet (and retain her sanity!) away from the frenetic bedtime routine.

In 1997 Carolyn began studying yoga, and loved it so much that after a few years she decided to train as a teacher, to pass on her enthusiasm and her belief in the Iyengar yoga system to others.

Carolyn is an accredited teacher with the UK Iyengar Yoga Association (IYA) at Intermediate Junior level 3. She attends weekly teachers’ classes and regularly works with visiting teachers from India. In 2010 she studied with the Iyengar family in a month-long intensive course at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India.

Carolyn has a warm, friendly style of teaching. She works with students at their own pace, whilst encouraging them to ‘stretch’ themselves and constantly improve their postures.
“I love the fact that yoga is not about tying yourself into pretzel-shaped knots, but is for everyone and anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. Unlike other forms of physical exercise, yoga is a totally holistic approach, working on your body, your mind and your breathing at the same time. You will leave the class with a calmer mind and a more energised body than you entered it.”

Carolyn Ferguson, iYoga

Location: Didsbury, Manchester
Tel: 07763 346 332