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“I really look forward to my Wednesday night class as a break from the bedtime routine and the stresses of family life. It’s a real treat for me to have two hours precious ‘me time’. In fact my husband insists I go to yoga as it makes me a much happier person!”
Julie Tranter, Stockport

“Yoga was repeatedly recommended to me, but rather dubiously I attended Carolyn’s Iyengar yoga class in Heaton Mersey. I am so pleased I did. I always feel better and get such a good night’s sleep after the class too!”
Geraldine Mockler, Heaton Moor

“After attending yoga classes regularly now for the past six months I am delighted to say that my back chronic back problem has gone. But if ever I do get a twinge in my back, as happened after some strenuous gardening the other weekend, I know what to do to gently unlock and open up that part of my back, ease the pain, and avoid a visit to the osteopath!”
Bill Atkinson, Withington

“iYoga is a brilliant place – it’s really friendly and welcoming whether you’ve done yoga before or not. If you email or phone you get a quick response and Carolyn will advise on which is the best class for you to attend. Carolyn’s an excellent teacher – she’s very encouraging and supportive and I feel I’ve improved enormously. The other teachers are lovely too. I feel so much better for doing yoga regularly – both mentally and physically. Being able to attend different classes is great, and the venue is lovely and clean with all equipment provided. I couldn’t recommend it too highly.”
Rebecca Baron

“What an excellent class! Fantastic teacher- puts lots of effort into making sure you are in the right pose for you- helping all the time and using the equipment correctly. Really enjoy the sessions have been to 3 so far and can already feel a difference in my posture. This is one class I will want to go to for the next year and beyond!”
Liz Couchman

“Not only is the iYoga studio a comfortable & welcoming venue, but the classes are really well run. Carolyn has a really good manner to encourage you to progress at your own pace, and is helpful and attentive enough to make sure you’re doing anything that will be damaging. I had the classic middle aged bloke back-problems, and the yoga has really helped to clear all of that up. After a class I get a good night’s sleep, and am more refreshed in the morning – I’m still not sure exactly why it works but it does – I would very much recommend you give it a go and stick with it for at least 3-4 weeks – the first week you’ll probably go away scratching your head wondering what that was all about, and by the third week you will see how much easier it is to stretch and bend, and just how much better you feel in general.”
Chris M

“After spending many hours hunched over my laptop at work, it is a real treat to come to yoga and open and stretch my body. All my aches and pains disappear and I feel so relaxed too. I have started to notice that my posture in everyday life is also improving, as I remember what I have been taught in class, chest lifted, shoulders back and down. Not only do I feel so much better, but friends have commented that I look younger too, which is amazing. I tell them all to come and do yoga. I always look forward to a really good night’s sleep and feel full of energy the next day, even if my muscles are aching a bit!”
Karen Miller, Didsbury, Manchester

“The best bit for me (apart from the ‘corpse-pose’ we do at the end of a class, which is basically a lie down for 10 minutes or so), is the almost complete elimination of my back and knee pains. I still have a way to go as regards flexibility, but it is easy to keep trying when you begin to notice all the little improvements. “
Steve Atkinson, Didsbury, Manchester

“Message to lower back pain sufferers out there….One month ago I was in incredible pain, lower lumbar back pain for months and months …I took time off work, swallowed ibuprofen, spent money on osteopathic back crunching, and a new mattress…none of it worked (although the mattress is wonderful). I have attended classes at the iYoga Centre twice weekly over the last month…aaaand…now… I have to say whole heartedly this back of mine DOES NOT HURT!!!! ”
Liz Scantlebury, Heaton Mersey

“All I can say about yoga is “It’s brilliant. I feel good. I do recommend Carolyn’s classes, she is a patient and skilled teacher..and it really is worth the effort”
Ellie Fairbrother, Heaton Mersey

“I have been practising yoga for many years and in that time it has helped me considerably in solving severe back problems and in coping with the extremely stressful situations that I have had to deal with.
I have attended classes of lots of teachers but Carolyn is without doubt one of the best teachers I have ever known. I am constantly amazed at her skill in dealing with classes which range from total beginners to experienced students, somehow she manages to give everyone individual attention! ( She’s also very nice!)”
Alex Green, Altrincham, Cheshire

“Carolyn’s classes are readily accessible to all ages and all levels of experience. The use of props greatly assists those of us who are not very supple and certainly enables me to get maximum benefit from the class. The classes are held in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and Carolyn is keen to ensure each individual is comfortable and working within their boundaries. I have attended Carolyn’s classes for some years now and derive a variety of benefits including improved posture, suppleness, strength and muscle tone, as well as an enhanced sense of health and well-being. It is also my most effective method for banishing the stresses of modern life. My wife and seven year old son also attend Carolyn’s classes and also gain a great deal of benefit from them. I would definitely recommend Carolyn’s classes to anyone who is thinking of taking up or continuing yoga.”
Jon Prest, Didsbury, Manchester

“I joined Carolyn’s Iyengar yoga class at 24 weeks pregnant. I was very aware that improving my posture as well as strengthening my core muscles and increasing my flexibility would help me have a more comfortable pregnancy and hopefully better labour! Although I was in a class with non pregnant people Carolyn tailored the positions to my needs and always explained how they would help. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and even with a huge bump can join in the class and always come away feeling like I’ve had a good, gentle work out and always sleep really well that night.”
Jenny Williams Manchester

“I’m a plasterer and have been suffering with lower back problems for 18 months. I started Carolyn’s yoga class eight weeks ago and have seen a vast improvement, with a combination of different stretching and posture work. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their bodies and especially their lower backs.”
Adam West, Heaton Moor, Stockport

“I had a stiffness in my neck, shoulder and upper back that was more or less instantly released after a session with Carolyn. Iyengar yoga has really helped loosen up my otherwise stiff and dormant spine, caused by hours working hunched over a laptop.”  Tekin Suleyman, Manchester

“From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, Iyengar yoga is a holistic workout that makes me feel completely rejuvenated. Carolyn’s gentle voice and encouragement really helps me to push the poses to another level. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough.”
Julie Ward Didsbury, Manchester

“I thought long and hard about what yoga has done for my posture, my knees and other parts of my body. But what I really want to say is quite simple. The class is a huge ray of sunshine in my week – mind, body and soul.
Thank you Carolyn, Namaste.”
Sam Bell, Salford, Manchester

“As a newbie to yoga it was great to find that Carolyn made me feel welcome from the first phone call. She is always on hand to help me improve my poses without the feeling that I’m doing it wrong.”
Phil Smith, Manchester

“Carolyn is such a great teacher I am willing to travel 20 miles to attend her lessons!”
Nicola Copsey ex-Didsbury resident!

“It’s not easy to put into words exactly what I get from yoga. I think that the main thing for me is that it’s a great way to destress and refocus.”
Freyja Dickson, Manchester