Yoga on Prescription?

Did you know that there is a move in Parliament to get yoga provided on the NHS and in schools?

An All Party Parliamentary Group says:
“That this House celebrates the 2nd International Day of Yoga, on 21 June 2016, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015; … recommends yoga to be included as part of mindfulness and well-being initiatives for NHS staff and for yoga to be integrated within treatment for patients; and urges the Department for Education to introduce yoga in the school physical education curriculum.”

If you support this idea, please write to your MP before Monday 27 June asking for his/her support; the more contacts the MPs have, the more pressure will build.

And you know how much better you feel after yoga…

Here’s how to write to your MP to ask him/her to sign the Early Day Motion on Yoga. The following steps will only take 2 minutes of your time.

Please act now – MPs need to have signed up before 27th June 2016 when it will be discussed at a meeting in the House of Lords.

Check on see if your MP has already signed the motion.
If not, or if you’re not sure who your MP is, click on
Enter the postcode where you are registered to vote
Scroll down to find your MP’s name and click on it
Write your own message
Enter your personal details (name, address, email)
Review and send
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